So What Has Been Keeping Us Busy Recently?

Two weeks ago we launched our landing pages for Buyers and Sellers to begin to inform them about Flash Purchase and the new way of shopping and selling we are creating.  These landing pages are allowing us to collect email addresses and gauge people’s interest in our new deal model that is intended to be a win-win for both buyers and sellers.

A landing page is easy to code from scratch, but there are even easier ways to do it in minutes. There are LaunchRock and Wordpress Themes, however, we selected Unbounce. It is more powerful if you want to do you own design, and better integrated so it saves the trouble of searching and installing Wordpress plug-ins. However, a disadvantage for a designer is that Unbounce only provides 9 very basic typefaces, one of which is Comic Sans.

Initially, we made the mistake of wanting the landing page to be perfect. Given our experience, we suggest that designers not spend too much time on one single thing during product launch. Steve Jobs spent $100,000 on the logo of NeXT but it didn’t end up being a success, because what matters the most is still the product. We are working hard to provide a good product for our users so that they can have the best shopping experience possible. Meanwhile, we are also working on the landing page to make it work better.  The nice thing about the landing pages are that you can test different pages and get results that you can compare to see what works best, which is critical to future design.

An important step before spreading the landing page is to set up profiles on different social media. We started posting on Facebook, Tweeting, and blogging early. We believe it will help us to build the momentum for our launch later on. Although our reading audience for the posts is relatively small at the moment, it is still important for us to keep up the quality and build up a credible and likeable profile page. We want people to like us or follow us because of the valuable knowledge we provide which helps everyone. We believe in sharing and being transparent in all our efforts and that is the basis for our social media interactions. Check out our recent posts and you will see. :)

Finally, the developers are busy working on our Facebook app and full website. Write to us at and let us know any suggestions or thoughts you have!  If you want to see any type of deals, email us, Facebook us, Tweet to us, or comment below. Our team would love to hear from you!

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